Elastic deformations of corpuscle structures

The elastic deformations of corpuscle structures have been studied in Wohlleben and Liebermeister (2012). Click on the icons below to see animations.

Goldberg icosahedron Corpuscle 4-ring Corpuscle 6-ring Corpuscle 8-ring
Corpuscle 10-ring Corpuscle 12-ring (2-fold) Corpuscle 12-ring (3-fold) Corpuscle 12-ring (6-fold)
Corpuscle 16-Ring Corpuscle 18-Ring Corpuscle 24-Ring Corpuscle 60-Ring
Corpuscle ball Corpuscle 44-hedron

  1. Overview of corpuscle structures (print version in pdf)
  2. Short description of the Hessian matrix of the deformation energies (print version in .pdf).

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