Wolfram Liebermeister
Wolfram Liebermeister

Domaine de Vilvert
78352 Jouy-en-Josas, France
Charité Berlin - Institut für Biochemie
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10117 Berlin, Germany
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Protein economy in metabolism

  1. Metabolic enzyme cost explains variable trade-offs between microbial growth rate and yield
    Wortel M.T., Noor E., Ferris M., Bruggeman F.J., Liebermeister W. (2018),
    PLoS Computational Biology 14(2): e1006010
  2. The protein cost of metabolic fluxes: prediction from enzymatic rate laws and cost minimization
    Noor E., Flamholz A., Bar-Even A., Davidi D., Milo R., Liebermeister W. (2016)
    PLoS Comp. Biol. 12 (10): e1005167
  3. Visual account of protein investment in cellular functions
    Liebermeister W., Noor E., Flamholz A., Davidi D., Bernhardt J., Milo R. (2014)
    PNAS 111 (23), 8488-8493
  4. Glycolytic strategy as a tradeoff between energy yield and protein cost
    Flamholz A., Noor E., Bar-Even A., Liebermeister W., Milo R. (2013)
    PNAS 110 (24): 10039-10044
  5. A theory of optimal differential gene expression
    Liebermeister W., Klipp E., Schuster S., Heinrich R. (2004)
    BioSystems 76, 261-278

Metabolic dynamics and control

  1. Global network reorganization during dynamic adaptations of Bacillus subtilis metabolism
    Buescher J.M. et al (2012)
    Science 335 (6072), 1099-1103
  2. Response to temporal parameter fluctuations in biochemical networks
    Liebermeister W. (2005)
    Journal of Theoretical Biology 234 (3), 423-438 - [pdf]
  3. Biochemical network models simplified by balanced truncation
    Liebermeister W., Baur U., Klipp E. (2005)
    FEBS Journal, 272 (16) 4034 - 4043 - [pdf]

Model building and analysis

  1. Systematic construction of kinetic models from genome-scale metabolic networks
    Natalie J. Stanford, Lubitz T., Smallbone K., Klipp E., Mendes P., Liebermeister W. (2013)
    PLoS ONE 8(11): E79195
  2. Parameter balancing in kinetic models of cell metabolism
    Lubitz T., Schulz M., Klipp E., Liebermeister W. (2010)
    Journal of Physical Chemistry B 114(49):16298-16303 - [pdf]
  3. Modular rate laws for enzymatic reactions: thermodynamics, elasticities, and implementation
    Liebermeister W., Uhlendorf J., Klipp E. (2010)
    Bioinformatics 26(12):1528-1534
  4. Biochemical networks with uncertain parameters
    Liebermeister W., Klipp E. (2005)
    IEE Proceedings - Systems Biology 152 (3) 97-107 - [pdf]

Model semantics and model combination

  1. Notions of similarity for systems biology models
    Henkel R., Hoehndorf R., Kacprowski T., Knüpfer C., Liebermeister W., Waltemath D. (2016)
    Briefings in Bioinformatics, doi 10.1093/bib/bbw090
  2. Retrieval, alignment, and clustering of computational models based on semantic annotations
    Schulz M., Krause F., Le Novère N., Klipp E., Liebermeister W.(2011)
    Molecular Systems Biology 7 Article number:512
  3. Annotation and merging of SBML models with semanticSBML
    Krause F, Uhlendorf J., Lubitz T., Schulz M., Klipp E., Liebermeister W. (2010)
    Bioinformatics 26 (3), 421-422 - [pdf] [semanticSBML]
  4. Validity and combination of biochemical models
    Liebermeister W. (2008)
    3rd International ESCEC Workshop on Experimental Standard Conditions
    on Enzyme Characterizations.
    - [pdf]