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 ContentsMATLAB code for Metabolic Economics
 cba_adjust_fluxesCBA_ADJUST_FLUXES - Correct a flux mode to make it economical
 cba_checkCBA_CHECK - Check flux mode, chem. pot. differences, and spec. flux costs for feasibility
 cba_check_modelCBA_CHECK_MODEL - Check kinetic model for being in an enzyme-optimal state
 cba_default_optionsCBA_DEFAULT_OPTIONS - Default settings for directives in 'cba_options' and 'cba_constraints'
 cba_economic_potentialsCBA_ECONOMIC_POTENTIALS - Compute the economic potentials and their sensitivities in a kinetic model
 cba_economic_stateCBA_ECONOMIC_STATE - Find fluxes, chemical and economic potentials satisfying FBA/EBA/CBA constraints
 cba_feasible_cycleCBA_FEASIBLE_CYCLE - Check economical flux distribution (non-beneficial cycle criterion)
 cba_feasible_efmCBA_FEASIBLE_EFM - Test flux mode for economic feasibility (given non-beneficial flux modes)
 cba_feasible_lpCBA_FEASIBLE_LP - Check flux mode for EFA feasibility and choose enzyme costs and thermodynamic forces
 cba_homogeneous_costCBA_HOMOGENEOUS_COST - Determine economic potentials from the principle of even cost
 cba_reconstruct_modelCBA_RECONSTRUCT_MODEL - Build model from economical flux profile
 cba_reconstruct_model_OLDCBA_RECONSTRUCT_MODEL - Build model from economical flux profile

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